Art- and Design History, and Art Appreciation


Fundamentals of Design

Principles of Design (Nanda)

Elements of Art (

Basic Design: Elements & Principles (Jadhav)

Principles of Design Flashcards (Quizlet)

The Elements of Design (a practical workbook)

The 4 Components of Visual Arts

Johannes Itten, The Elements of Color (a standard work about color)

WebVision, Color Perception

Cambridge Colour, color-perception


Art and Design History

Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning (Free PDF, 298 pages)

History of Civilization and Culture

Art History at Khan Academy

The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

9 Types of Printmaking You Need to Know


Writing About Art

Guideline for a Formal Analysis of an Art Object

The 4 Components of Visual Art


Critical Thinking (The Foundation For Critical Thinking)

Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking


Creative Thinking

Training Guidelines. Creative Thinking

Creative Problem Solving Tools & Techniques Resources Guide

Further Reading

The Sea Was Never Blue (on color and language)

Languages of Art (Nelson Goodman)